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University Elite Program

Good Kids Education launches the VIP Elite Program, which provides VIP education services for Chinese students. Through professional GKE team, we provide academic life counseling and progression planning for each student and strive to create a perfect private customized study to meet the admission criteria of the ideal prestigious school to achieve a successful transfer.

University elite program is designed for each international student who willing to have opportunities to access to prestigious universities. This program helps you to meet the admission criteria of the ideal prestigious school to achieve a successful transfer from two-year state college program. Transferring from one college to another is common in the United States. According to the United States education system, students could transfer to another school after a two-year general study. For students who graduated from high schools in China, it is hard for them to enroll in first-ranking colleges in the United States. With the limited time to adapt to a new environment and a different education system, they may have trouble to catch up courses work and balance life and academic life.

Start from a standard level of college is much more reasonable for those students who are the first-time study abroad. Because with the first two years of study experience, they will get familiar with the American college system. Additionally, compared to top-ranking colleges, standard colleges will have relative easier general courses. Therefore, they will have a better first two years GPA, which lays a foundation for prestigious university admissions.

There are abundant benefits for students to transfer to high-ranking colleges instead of direct apply during their high school year. GKE has the elite 2+2 college program for our students, and we believe the “express lane” we have created for them will help our students attend their dream colleges (rank 50 or higher) more accessible, more reliable and more efficient. Every week we will have 6 hours one on one or one on three extra study sessions for our students to rethink and reflect what they have learned during each week. Also, our tutors will help students in their home works, preparing exams, and give them advises on their studies. Our 2+2 program gives our students a significant advantage transfer to higher-ranking schools in the U.S like UMN twin cities, UC Berkeley, and the University of Chicago.

GKE’s golden triangle teaching model provides students with all-round help in life and study when they first come to the United States. Lead the students to adapt to the new teaching mode and living environment quickly and grow up in the diversified vision.

GKE’s overseas study planning tutor and students have one-on-one, face-to-face in-depth communication to understand students’ personality, specialties, advantages and academic ability, etc., and deduce the most suitable career direction and academic depth for students’ development in the future.

Following the educational concept of “teaching students in accordance with their individual abilities” , GKE pays attention to the cultivation of students’ personality and the exploration of their potential. Help students understand themselves comprehensively, explore the unknown potential and forward momentum.

By virtue of abundant educational resources, GKE encourages students to receive personalized promotion while cultivating the quality of globalization in keeping with The Times, and provides a large number of social welfare practice activities and internship opportunities for local excellent enterprises.

Prestigious schools: Enjoy the world’s top education system, accept world-class academic guidance, and make connections with experts from diverse areas to achieve personal fulfillment in your life.

Graduation success: Through the students’ comprehensive life and academic counseling, we strive to cultivate students’ ability to live and think independently and help them to meet prestigious admission standards. Students who have been trained in the 2+2 program adapt to the academic and local life more comfortable. With our program, students will successfully gain the qualifications and degree certificates of world-famous schools.

Safe and secure: During the two-year service period, the company provides students with plenty of VIP services and 7*24 hours of face-to-face emergency service, which offers our students and guardians a more reliable platform.